Sewage Water Floods Shyamal Society, Residents To Boycott Elections

| Updated: July 12, 2022 6:09 pm

Laxmi Patel

Residents of Shyamal Row House Division 3/B on Anandnagar Road declared to boycott elections as 72 houses were flooded with the sewage water. Members of each household mopped the houses and basement without waiting for the help of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) or any other concerned authorities.

Residents had raised this issue of waterlogging caused by road layers with AMC. Even after multiple representations to the corporation about the flooding from rains for years, their problem is still not resolved. The sewer line is yet to be cleaned.

Munjal Fitter, a resident of the society, said, “There is a problem of waterlogging in our society which we have repeatedly raised with the government but still our problem is not solved. The government does not understand what will happen to the surrounding society if the roads are elevated. If the government ministers go abroad, they should see that roads are built layer by layer. Our society is located in a posh area as well as a famous society but now our society is in the pit. So we, the residents of Shyamal Society, have decided that we will not vote for any party in the coming elections this year. “

Residents of Shyamal Society have decided not to vote for anyone in this year’s assembly elections.

Hansen Patel, a local resident, said, “For a long time now, our society has been flooding people’s homes and from there into people’s basements. This is a problem every year. The clothes have to be taken out of the bedroom vault. The water in our society has been repeatedly raised in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, but no solution has been found. The members of the society have to call a fighter to fetch water from the society’s money.

Kalpesh Dalal, a local, said, “Every house in the society suffers a loss of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh due to flooding. Not only does the rainwater run off in our society but the sewage water also backs up which can lead to epidemics.” I have a one-month-old baby in my house. We have to keep her in another place so that the disease does not spread and she does not feel any infection. “

He further said, “For the last ten years there has been a problem of water filling in our society. There are ministers in our society but the problem is not solved. Yesterday there were three feet of mud in your society and our nine feet basement was also filled with water and mud. That’s why we’re calling in labourers as well as rice water tankers to clean up. “

Aarav Patel, a 7-year-old boy, said, “I saw our house flooded for the first time this year. The basement of our house was also flooded. That is why we slept on the first floor. Years ago when my father was alone at home. The house was flooded and their belongings were carried upstairs. They showed me the video. This time I saw with my own eyes that the house was flooded. “

Pic Credit: Hanif Sindhi

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