SAI Terminates Contract With Cycling Coach Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

| Updated: June 9, 2022 12:54 pm

Sports Authority of India (SAI) has terminated contract with chief national team coach, R K Sharma, over allegations of sexual harassment against him. This move comes after the enquiry committee set up to investigate the matter submitted a preliminary report yesterday. According to the report, the accusations against Sharma have been found to be true.

A national level cyclist has accused Sharma of making suggestive comments towards her and forcing her to sleep with him. She has said that the coach had offered her post-training massage and told her that he wanted her to be his wife. The victim said that while they were on a tour in Slovenia in May this year, Sharma assaulted her by pulling her harshly and asked her to sleep with him. He also threatened the her and said that he could destroy her career and ruin her life by removing her from the National Centre of Excellence (NCOE). The complainant said that she feared for her life and urged the authorities to take action in the matter.

The Slovenia trip was organized by Cycling Federation of India for five male and a female athlete who is the complainant. A few days prior to their departure, Sharma told the lady that she would have to share a room with him abroad. She was very confused but on reaching the destination requested separate arrangement. It was then discovered that SAI had actually arranged a separate room for her as she was the only female in the group. Following this incident, Sharma refused to take her to Germany for an event.

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