Desperate to find his wife, son in law forces father in law and others to dip their hands in boiling oil.

| Updated: August 11, 2021 8:54 pm

In a gruesome incident, a son-in-law whose wife has gone missing forced his father-in-law and five others to dip their hands in boiling oil to prove that they had no clue about his missing wife. Meanwhile, sources said the wife could have eloped.Bhakti a girl from Hamirpar village in Kutch was married to Ratna Kala Koli of Gedi village of Rapar taluka only.

severely injured victims

The newlyweds, as a family tradition came to spend time at Hamirpur, the girl’s village for a few days two months ago but the wife soon went missing. The husband and the wife’s family were looking for the missing girl. However, Ratna’s wife soon went missing. He doubted that his father-in-law was aware of his wife’s whereabouts and both of them had a minor clash.Today morning nine people from Ratna, the husband’s side acted as mediators and called six people including the father in law to their Gedi village for a compromise.

Victims at Rapar Hospital

Following directions by a witch doctor, the son-in-law said that if the father-in-law and his accomplices were innocent, their hands would come out without a single scar from boiling oil. All six people were made to dip their hands and later admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. The son in law was told by a witch doctor that his father in law had sold off his daughter to another man. The father in law Hira Dharamshi Kpoli has informed the Rapar police and registered a complaint against his son in law and his relatives.

(Report: Govind Maheshwari)

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