Supercomputer One Click Away With Gujju Boys’ Gizmo: Volvere Vibe

| Updated: July 2, 2022 8:19 pm

Volvere Vibe, launched on June 12, 2022, can turn any computer into a supercomputer with a single click. Ankit Shah and Abhi Savadiyawala are alumni of Charusat University, and they invented this revolutionary product. Students and researchers can use it to access high-end computer powers.

Currently, the cost of supercomputers is expensive, due to which students cannot afford it. However, the Vadodara boys have made it feasible for anyone to turn their system into a super one. The digital product is equipped with the most cutting-edge features.

Their Story:

The Charusat University, Chagna, lads believe that Metaverse (Virtual Worlds) and Web 3.0 are the future of India. Moreover, it will put the nation in the lead position in the upcoming tech era.

Ankit Shah, the co-founder, said, “If India wants to lead the future, we should focus on empowering designers, developers, gamers, and creators as much as possible. They are the building blocks of Metaverse and Web 3.0.”

Ankit added that advanced digital skills are significant in the information age. However, to learn these, we need pricey systems and fast internet.

“Our objective is to provide the best digital infrastructure to each designer, developer, gamer, and creator. Thus, we have made the first subscription-based mini supercomputer. They are at least ten times more powerful than the ones available in India.”

Ankit and Abhi’s dream was to make something revolutionary and impactful. After the pandemic, everything has shifted to an online mode, and faster internet became the need of the hour.

Abhi said, “There is no use of a supercomputer if the user has to wait hours due to slow internet.” The duo also developed the first Indian virtual 5G with a superfast 2000 Mbps internet speed, 28 times faster than the incumbent broadband speed, according to the speed index report.

Ankit Shah said, “Our target audience is 20 to 25-year-olds who want to make a career in IT, AR, VR, and other technological fields.” They have received the initial investments from family and friends. They also seek to connect the government and private investors for more funding.

Their start-up company is registered under the Department of Industrial policy and promotion. Ankit added, “We have to log in to the website of Volvere Vibe to access the mini supercomputer.” Furthermore, he said, “Vibe brings the power of high-end systems with the magic of modern computing. We can use the powerhouse of 64GB RAM with 16GB GPU and superfast virtual 5G internet with speeds up to 2000 Mbps.”

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