Surat: DRI Seized Smuggled Foreign Cigarettes’ & Vapes Worth Close To Rs. 1 Crore

| Updated: December 3, 2022 2:39 pm

Steadfastly continuing its pursuit to trace out the items that illegally entered Indian soil, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) laid its hands on illegal tobacco products worth Rs. 91 lacs a Surat in Gujarat.

DRI in Gujarat is focused on weeding out the smuggling of Cigarettes and other nicotine products. Their operations saw momentum ahead of the ongoing Assembly elections in Gujarat

The DRI operation took place at two different locations in Surat. A chocolate shop owner’s residence and factory and the Surat railway station parcel office were targeted.

DRI  searches at the residence and Godown of the Chocolate shop owner resulted in the recovery of a total of 3,60,800 sticks of foreign-origin cigarettes of various brands. The brands included Marlboro, Dunhill, Esse Lights, Esse Black, Esse Gold, Djarum Black, Gudang Garam, WIN, etc. 198 sticks of prohibited E-cigarettes (Vapes) valued at Rs. 75 lacs were also recovered during the raid.

DRI intercepted a railway parcel at Surat Railway Station and seized 80,000 sticks of smuggled Esse Lights branded Cigarettes valued at  Rs 16 lakhs.

The DRI has detained the material and registered a case under the provisions of the Customs Act 1962. One person has been arrested.

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