Surat: Six-Yr-Old Torn Between Two Sets of Parents

| Updated: February 23, 2023 3:47 pm

A six-year-old boy raised by his kidnapper is now supposed to love his biological parents whom he has never seen. 

Keeping with the court’s directions, Nayna Oad brings Aamir (name changed) to his biological mother Sufiya Mansuri’s house so that he gets acquainted with her. On some days, Sufiya visits Nayna to play with Aamir and win his confidence.

Nayna’s husband Kamlesh, who had allegedly kidnapped the child on January 5, 2017, from a community health centre in Kathor, is in judicial custody. He committed the crime after Nayna suffered multiple miscarriages. And now it is Nayna who is trying to correct his mistake by helping Aamir get close to Sufiya.

A tad uncomfortable with the sudden outpouring of love and attention from a woman he has not seen in all these years, Aamir doesn’t know that Mumbai residents Sufiya and her husband Mohammed Ali have thought of a new name for him – Azeez.

Last month, Kamrej police cracked the kidnapping case and traced the child to Karjan in Vadodara. While Kamlesh and Nayna were arrested, Aamir was sent to a protection home.

The court granted bail to Nayna and ordered a DNA profiling of the child and his biological parents. Nayna and Sufiya were directed by the court to ensure that the child spent time with his biological family so that he could adjust well to his new home.

The child was the couple’s first son after two daughters. A year after the kidnapping, the couple had another boy who is five years old now. 

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