Sweety murdered by police inspector husband Ajay Desai

| Updated: July 24, 2021 8:57 pm

In the case of the disappearance of Sweety Patel, 37, wife of Vadodara police inspector Ajay Desai. Ahmedabad Crime Branch revealed that it was Ajay Desai who killed his wife. The Crime Branch has solved the Sweety Patel case in a matter of few days. PI Desai was already a suspect in the case as he refused a narcotics test. 

According to police, a man named Kirit Singh Jadeja helped him in the case. Sweety was strangled to death and her body was cremated. It was alleged that Sweety Patel was leaving on June 5 after a quarrel with her husband.

 But according to the case solved by the police, there was a dispute between the husband and wife on the night of June 4. In it, Ajay Desai got angry and strangled Sweety and left her body in the bedroom. Then on June 5, at 11am, they put Sweetie’s body in a Jeep Compass car and put it in the compound of the house, after which the brother-in-law reported that Sweety was missing. 

Ajay Desai then, with the help of his friend Kirit Singh Jadeja, Karjanwala, drove to the back of a highway hotel on the Karjan-Amod-Wagra road and cremated the body there.

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