Absent Teachers Put Future Of Rural Children In Jeopardy

| Updated: October 13, 2021 12:02 pm

Chest thumping by the Governments and the high claim about education is a common phenomenon in every state and Gujarat is no exception. However, the reality on ground is vastly different from what the governments want people to believe as is evident from the survey and investigations carried out by the independent organizations and NGOs from time to time. One such report busting the Government claims of rosy picture has come from Divya Bhaskar Team

Divya Bhaskar has brought to light the fact that 165 students in interior villages of Dadiapada taluka of Narmada district have been deprived of education as teaching work is abandoned since more than two years. This, when entire education department of the taluka and district level being aware of these matters.

Not only teacher, BIT Inspector, BRC, CRC, TPEO, DPEO, DDO -whole chain of hierarchy seems negligent to the issue. Details of absentee teachers at Kanji, Bandra and Mathasar primary schools of Dadiapada takuka have come to fore, putting the future of 165 children in jeopardy.

Problem does not cease to exist if absenteeism of teachers is rectified as Sarpanchs of villages contacted would confirm. Drunk teachers are found threatening and intimidating the villagers. Any complaint made bears no result till Taluka level.

As the teachers are not coming to school, the students are forced to stay at the ashram school at far off places in order to study. The parents who cannot afford, employs the children into farming or grazing cattle

Despite written and oral complaints by the villagers to the DDO at the primary education officer and district level, the education department has not taken any action. The standard excuse is geographical location. The plea of tribals is not being heard. The problem of absentee teachers should be solved permanently, voices the villagers.

The local youth of the village said going even to the extent of being ready to provide the teacher with a house to stay and arrange for meals

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