Traffic Police To Help AMC In Dealing With Stray Cattle Menace

| Updated: February 26, 2023 8:00 pm

Impounding stray cattle had become a difficult task ever since the owners started following the trucks taking them away. Not only do these owners set cattle free to graze on public and private property, incidence of humans being attacked by the bovines or vehicular snarls because of the herds that roam the street, are now an acknowledged challenge. 

In a bid to strengthen cattle-free roads and civic land, the Cattle Nuisance Control Department of the AMC and the Ahmedabad Traffic department have joined hands. The Traffic department will providing real-time information about cattle on the streets from its Traffic Control room to help CNCD impound the stray animals.

The CNCD cattle impound vehicles are often followed by cattle rearers and information on where they are headed is passed on to cattle owners in the area. Cattle owners armed with sticks follow the CNCD vehicles on motorcycles across Ahmedabad. By the time the vehicles reach the spot where cattle are roaming, the cattle owners move their livestock out of sight of the CNCD teams. 

However, the use of CCTV is a game-changer for the CNCD, which is now aware of when and where the cattle are being moved before they reach the spot.

“While cattle owners follow CNCD vehicles and provide information to others about where they are headed, the counter-intelligence provided by the traffic control room can help the CNCD efficiently nab those who are leave their stray cattle on the roads,” shared police sources.

Some time ago, the administration declared two zones as cattle-free, including the airport area and the Central zone. Earlier, the zone comprising SG Highway was declared cattle-free. Impounding cattle had become a difficult task ever since the owners started following the trucks.

Earlier, the state government decided to push for a strict law against the cattle menace, but stiff resistance from cattle owners pressed for its withdrawal. 

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