Twist In Khavad Case: Complainant Approaches PMO

| Updated: December 16, 2022 3:34 pm

It appears like the authorities are running out of time to locate Devayat Khavad and his friends. Mayursinh Rana was beaten up by Devayat Khavad and his followers on December 7th last. In this regard, a case of attempted murder was also registered against three persons including Devayat Khavad in a Division Police Station of Rajkot city. However, the three persons including Devayat Khavad are away from the police.

Meanwhile, an application for anticipatory bail has also been filed by Devayat Khavad to avoid arrest. An affidavit has also been submitted to the court by the A division police to prevent Devayat Khavad from getting anticipatory bail. In the affidavit, the court has been given information about three crimes filed against Devayat Khavad in the past. Amidst all this further hearing will be conducted by the court on Saturday, 17th December.

Even in the Kshatriya community, there is a sense of outrage that not a single accused has been caught by the police, even after nine days of serious crimes, from assaults to attempted murders, have been reported.

However, It is known that the family members of Mayursinh Rana knocked on the door of the PMO as the accused involved in the incident were not immediately arrested by the police.

It is known that the complaint of the entire matter has been made online in the PMO. Meanwhile, it is significant to see if his accomplices including Devayat Khavad who attacked Mayursinh Rana are ever caught and when Mayursinh Rana and his family get justice.

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