Upcoming K-Dramas In June

| Updated: June 13, 2022 9:17 pm

We are halfway through 2022, and K-dramas are already ruling our hearts with excellent plots. All Of Us Are Dead, Juvenile Justice, and Forecasting Love And Weather were a few popular series that firmly established themselves in mainstream entertainment worldwide.

As we step into the year’s second half, we have a line-up of various exciting K-dramas. Let’s look at the shows K-drama lovers must watch this June.

Money Heist

Netflix is ready to bring the Korean version of Money Heist‘s massively successful Spanish series. It is known for its intense action scenes and thrilling sequences of executing a successful heist. In the Korean spin-off version, Yoo Ji-tae (When My Love Blooms) will play the character of ‘The Professor.’ Portrayed in the same world as the original, where South and North Korea have reunified in a single Korean peninsula—using a group of criminals, ‘The Professor’ plans to commit the heist.

Date: June 24


Seo Yea-ji (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay) makes her comeback with tvN’s latest revenge-thriller drama. The story follows Lee Ra-el (Yea-ji), a revenge-filled 28-year-old woman targeting her father’s killers. And preparing her plan for 13 years to take out her target Kang Yoon-Kyum (Park Byun-eun), owner of LY Group. Taking the help of her friend, a human rights lawyer Seo Eung-pyeong (Lee Sang-yeob), Ra-el places herself in the center of a 2 trillion (USD 1.6 billion) won divorce battle as a tactic to help her destroy her family’s killers. 

Date: June 2

Yumi’s Cells 2 

The second season of Yumi’s Cells will see Kim Go-eun reprising her role as Yumi and GOT7’s Jin-young joining the series. Yumi’s cells have entirely shut down after going through a bad breakup. Which, however, changes after encountering Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-Hyun). As the two start to get closer, Yumi’s dormant love cells revive. 

Date: June 10

Doctor Lawer

The series is about a top surgeon Han Yi-an (So Ji-sub), who graduated from one of the country’s top medical schools specializing in general and cardiothoracic surgery. At the peak of his career, Yi-an’s life completely changes when his patient unexpectedly dies, resulting in his medical license being canceled. After four years, Yi-an’s working as a lawyer specializing in medical litigation. He provides justice to those suffering from medical malpractice while trying to find the truth behind his patient’s death. 

Date: June 3

Link: Eat, love, kill

This drama tells a story about Eun Gye-hoon (Yeo Jin-goo), who unexpectedly starts to share Noh Da-hyun’s (Moon Ga-young) feelings and feels all her joys and sorrows and pain. In this fantasy drama, Yeo plays Eun Gye-hoon, a young chef working at a high-end restaurant whose sister went missing two decades ago.

Date: June 6

Café Minamdang

The drama is based on a web novel by writer Jung Jae-ha. 

Nam Han-joon (Seo In-guk) is a good-looking scammer who used to be a criminal profiler. He runs scams disguised as a fortune-teller from his shop Minamdang. While scamming his customers, he also helps solve their cases. On the other hand, Han Jae-hee (Oh Yeon-seo), who has worked as a homicide detective for three years, starts to get suspicious of the café.

Date: June 27

Why Her?

This drama is about Oh Soon-jae (Seo Hyun-jin), a lawyer working at Korea’s best law firms. Known for her talent and skills at her job, she is demoted to a law school as an adjunct professor due to unforeseen circumstances. There, she meets Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop), a kind-hearted student with an undisclosed past who falls in love with her. They become a barrier between the chairman of the law firm, Choi Tea-kook (Heo Jun-ho), who will stop at nothing to satisfy his greedy desires. 

Date: June 3

Cleaning Up

The story is of three cleaners, Eo Yong-mi (Yum Jung-ah), Ahn In-kyung (Jeon So-min), and Maeng Soo-ja (Kim Jae-hwa), working at a financial company based on the 2019 British series of the same name. They accidentally overhear sensitive financial information related to the company and turn to insider trading to make more money and fulfill their ambitions and dreams.

Date: June 4

Alchemy of Souls

This fantasy period drama tells the story of young magicians dealing with heaven and earth, taking place in the fictional country of Daeho. Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook) is the troublesome son from a noble family haunted by a terrible secret. He meets an elite warrior Mu-deok (Jung So-min), whose soul’s trapped in a weak body. Jang enlists her as his servant; in return, she trains him in martial arts.

Date: June 18


The story revolves around Yu-Mi (Bae Suzy), a woman whose small lie leads her to live a completely different life. Ji-Hun (Kim Joon-Han), her husband, is an ambitious man who seeks a goal-oriented life. Ji-Won (Park Ye-young), Yu-Mi’s friend, is the only person she can trust and rely on.

Date: June 24

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