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US Couple Reveals Secret Of Amazing Weight-Loss Journey

| Updated: April 3, 2024 14:48

The couple opted for a simple programme to overhaul their lifestyle

A US-based couple, Lexi, 27, and Danny Reed, 30, got married in 2015. Lexi worked for a law firm and Danny in an optical services company. Both of them were facing the challenge of obesity. Lexi’s peak weight was 485 pounds (220 kg) while Danny’s peak weight was 280 pounds (127 kg). 

Lexi’s current weight is 173 pounds (78 kg) and Danny’s current weight is 185 pounds (84 kg). How did this amazing transformation come about? 

The answer is a New Year’s resolution they made in 2016 to completely change their lifestyle. Initially, they agreed that they would stick with the resolution for a month. What started small, became a lifelong decision and they lost a great deal of weight. 

Five-part resolution

Their resolution had five parts to it. No eating out, no cheat meals, no soft drinks, no alcohol and five 30-minute workouts a week.  

For Lexi, trying to lose weight  has been a long struggle. She tried several weight-loss programmes but kept gaining the weight back. Unhealthy food habits were a key factor. While she wasn’t diagnosed with any health problems related to her weight, Lexi had severe joint pain and struggled to breathe at times. 

Danny started gaining weight after he stopped being physically active. And after he and Lexi got comfortable in their relationship he put on more weight. Before they made their resolution, they would spend evenings watching movies and shows on OTT platforms and eat junk food with soft drinks. 

Relationship with food

Starting wasn’t easy. It’s better to shock your body and do everything completely differently than to make slow changes, is Danny’s mantra. The hardest thing was changing their relationship with food. They had to learn to eat to live, not live to eat. Working as partners, they motivated each other. Soon they began enjoying taking care of their health. As they saw the results on their life, it motivated them further.

They started making healthy versions of the foods they liked and eat more proteins and lots of vegetables and less carbs. They stopped consuming soft drinks which was tough but they have got used to it.   

The couple now spend time kayaking, hiking and even plan to bungee jump, instead of on the couch watching TV. 

Partners in exercise

They’ve built a routine of going to the gym together six times a week. Danny does a cardio workout for 20 to 30 minutes, followed by weight training. Lexi started with the elliptical. She also goes to a Zumba class two or three times a week and uses the stair climber and the weights at the gym.

Lexi’s Instagram account became a hit with people inspired by her weight-loss success, and she’s approaching one million followers. She and Danny found themselves in the spotlight. Their story was featured on several platforms.

Lexi can now easily fly in an airplane and drive a car without her stomach touching the steering wheel. She can put on shoes and socks without struggling. Danny doesn’t have any trouble keeping up with his hiking buddies these days, and he can ride his mountain bike for long stretches. 

Part of the inspiration for their weight loss was the desire to be parents in the future, and they plan to add to their family in a year or so. They both blog full-time these days. They like sharing their story if it helps inspire others. It’s not just about the weight you lose, it’s about the life you gain, they say.

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