Varanasi Court and SC To Renew Hearings On Gyanvapi Mosque Case

| Updated: May 19, 2022 2:59 pm

The Supreme Court and Varanasi Court shall restart hearings on the Gyanvapi Mosque case on Thursday, May 19. The petitioners seek permission to worship what they claim to be the ‘shivling’ in the Gyanvapi Mosque Complex. Petitioners say that invaders demolished part of the Kashi-Vishwanath Temple in the 16th century and built a mosque over it. 

The Supreme Court ordered the Varanasi District Magistrate to secure the ‘shivling’ area. On Tuesday, the SC asked the Varanasi DM to do so without compromising the Islamic community’s right to worship. Meanwhile, the Varanasi Court has appointed a survey team to analyse the Mosque’s history and submit the report in a day or two. 

Varanasi Court Agenda

On Thursday, the Varanasi Court will hear the petition seeking permission to offer prayers to the ‘shivling’. The same petition also demands the demolition of the basement walls and debris removal to allow more proof of assemblage. 

Mahendra Prasad Pandey, a government counsel, also filed a petition to shift the pipeline directly from the sealed area. They supply water to the Muslims to perform wuzu (minor ablution). The court will hear another petition that requests the inclusion of Ajay Kumar Mishra in the survey team. Earlier, the court removed him from the three-member survey team for irresponsibility towards his duties. As per the allegations, Mishra deployed a personal cameraman to leak information to the media, as per allegations on Tuesday. 

Varanasi Court

Supreme Court Agenda

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a notice to the Hindu petitioners as it adjourned the case hearing for two days. The Hindu Sena intervened in the case and filed an affidavit in response to the Mosque committee. The Hindu Sena claims that the Gyanivapi-Kashi-Vishwanath dispute started before independent India. On Thursday, the apex bench of India will hear the plea of the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Management Committee, which manages the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi. 

Supreme Court

Gyanvapi Mosque Controversy

Even though the Gyanvapi Mosque dispute has come into the limelight recently, the Varanasi Court saw the original petition in 1991. The requisition declares that Aurangzeb built the Mosque over a part of Kashi Vishwanath Temple during his reign in the 16th century. The controversy started when five Hindu women desired to worship Shringar Gauri and other idols within the Gyanvapi Mosque Complex.

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