Vistara vexed by MP

| Updated: July 6, 2021 11:02 pm

Vistara airlines known for its professional was in for a shock as they had to deal with a BJP MP at the who threw tantrums claiming he was becoming a Minister!

No, this is not just done. But it just happened. A BJP MP was at an airport rushing to Delhi. That he is being accommodated in the Cabinet expansion taking place this evening was evident from the fact that his wheelchair bound wife was also accompanying him. They were traveling Vistara. As per the existing rules, a Vistara employee came for signature for forms for the wheelchair. She was absolutely shocked when the MP started screaming and threatening her. The girl requested her manager and he too was greeted with abusive behaviour  This MP is not yet a minister, He is becoming one today and this was his behaviour. Imagine his arrogance once he actually becomes a Minister 

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