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| Updated: November 3, 2022 5:28 pm

Parking in residential societies has become a major problem. With limited space and members having more than one vehicle, finding a place for an additional vehicle becomes difficult. Ahmedabad has a total parking capacity of 32, 031 vehicles–5,453 cars and 26,578 two-wheelers. Research says that more than 44% of drivers find parking a stressful experience and the average driver spends four days every year looking for spaces to park. 

To solve this parking problem, Gujarat builders are creating upto five basement parking, electric vehicle parking facility and even podium parking in some projects. Vibes of India sat with Gujarat builders to identify how they are addressing the problem in their latest projects. Excerpts from the interview: 

Ajay Patel, Chairman, CREDAI Gujarat and director of Synthesis Group

Parking has never been more important to the world than it is today. Automated parking, valet parking for new drivers and multi-storeyed parking–these are the latest trends builders are opting for. “Builders are creating projects with consumers’ future needs in mind. We have two-five basement parking. Projects also have ‘one room, one car parking’ facility. For us, parking is becoming the biggest selling point right now. We provide more parking areas–then actually required to get your plan passed from AUDA. If the government provides permission for more podium parking then construction cost will reduce and clients can get early possession also.”

Ajay Patel, Chairman, CREDAI Gujarat and director of Synthesis Group

Parking facilities available in Ahmedabad includes: 

  • Total authorised parking sites: 74
  • Off-street: 40
  • On-street: 9
  • Multi-level: 4

How do people travel in Ahmedabad? 

  • Car: 5%
  • Two-wheeler: 75-77%
  • Bus: 12%
  • Rickshaw: 7-8%

Haresh Vasani, Owner, Vasani Group and head of Ahmedabad Builders Association

“In as early as 2017, we started focusing on parking facilities. I remember we created celler parking in our projects in Vastral and Narol and we priced them at 20 lakhs for 2bhk. This was our affordable scheme but the clients were initially surprised at the prices. Eventually, our parking facilities became a hot selling point. Today, you can not ignore this aspect while designing your project. 

Haresh Vasani, Owner, Vasani Group

Our new schemes on Vaishnodevi called Aspire are made considering parking convenience to our clients. The thing is, if we don’t give enough parking space people park their cars outside the building and it creates unnecessary clogging on the public roads, as responsible builders we want to avoid that.”

Taral Shah MD – Shivalik Group, Real estate & Construction

Taral Shah MD – Shivalik Group, Real estate & Construction

Most of our projects gave EV parking facilities and these projects are made considering the future ease of clients. We have four-five basement parking. We are moving towards ‘Smart Parking’. It is a technological approach to improve the parking process and the cars’ positioning in a city with a shortage of space. The basic goals of smart parking systems are to reduce oil use and its negative impact on the atmosphere when drivers look for a parking lot, and to save the time and patience of city drivers who want to leave their cars closer to the destination point.

Shivalik Avenue, Shivalik Paradise, Shivalik Harmony and other projects have enough parking facilities. 

To know more, watch the video here:

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