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| Updated: May 18, 2022 2:28 pm

It’s All In The Stars

A little luck can make a whole lot of difference. Seems, this senior cabinet minister believes it to the T. As a Brahmin, he is naturally inclined towards astrology. But his personal interest seems vested in team members too. As we hear, some amount of daily time goes in discussions on horoscopes with the core team. In fact, an inner circle confidante was seen wearing a large ring with varied zodiac gemstones. Ask him about the dazzling new possession, and the affable officer replies: “It is all in the stars. Sir can also read our face. He was interested in astrology even before he became a minister.”

Now, Paul the Octopus was known for his correct predictions. Trump did upstage, who would think… Obama. Maybe this minister’s banter with the stars does charter his party to victory.

Let’s wait and watch.


Mantriji Ke PA Ka Rubab

Nowadays, there is an unspoken rule in two police stations in Amdavaad. When mantrji‘s PA comes, piping hot tea must be served. Seems the underling is enjoying greater privileges than he is entitled to. The high-ranking minister’s presence is not need anymore to endorse the lordship of his PA. “We prefer when mantriji comes. His PA’s whims are driving us nuts. Official favours also need reason,” share tight-lipped officers. 

Like they say, it must be the PA’s achche din. Our suggeston: Enjoy while you can. The same mantri is known to have been the hand behind his previous PA’s transfer to a back-of-the beyond hamlet. 

BP Shrivastava, you will be missed!

IRS Officer B.P. Shrivastava’s transfer from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad has left office bearers in gloom. “Even after the transfer order, Sir did not think twice in dispensing duties. He treats everyone with respect and helps us resolve issues promptly. We worked with him for over a year and he will be missed,” share co-workers at the Gandhinagar I-T Department. Known for never losing his cool, all 50-odd officials vouch for Shrivastava’s leadership skills. Then why was he transferred? Now that’s a sticky pie no one wants to put their finger in. 

Maybe a routine shift or maybe something more, all in all, the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax (DCIT) will soon be in Aaykar Bhavan, Ahmedabad. We can’t wait to see the good work at the head office!!



Lakshmi Ma Ki Kripa Bani Rahe…. 

Gujarat recently saw a host of IPS officers transferred. Most zones and agencies of Amdavaad went in for a new officer. One such DSP is drawing some attention. Not as much for judicious work… more for “arrangements” being done to ensure prosperity. For whom? Well, we leave you to decide. 

Now, rumour also has it that this officer held an interview to zero in on the “suitable candidate” for post of “cashier.” A list was sought from all PSs under his purview and willing applications invited for the post of “The Staff.” Needless to say, most PSIs, DCPs and DSPs threw in hats. Ab Lakshmi Ma ki kripa jis par, usi ka bera hove ga paar… 

Er….small question please? Will local taxes increase because an additional officer bearer has to be paid? 

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