Wednesday Vibes

| Updated: May 25, 2022 2:09 pm

Setting ki maha maya…

Leaders and law enforcing agencies must be in tandem always. Obviously, to maintain law and order. Did you mischievous folks infer something else?

Well, now that the state is gearing towards Assembly elections, political bigwigs are busy getting the bandobast done. You know… like “setting” the path for a smooth mandate… Again, please refrain from reading between the lines. 

So, some IPS officers were due for a transfer. This talk has been on for a while now. On both ends, the political bigwigs and the top police brass, the “transfer” (aka setting) failed to take off. We wonder why… But what definitely has come to pass in clear instances, has been some junior officers who have made struck a bonhomie with local leaders. 

After all, Rome was not built in a day. Lage raho setting mein…

Lessons in planning to be learnt from new DCP…

The newly appointed DCP in Ahmedabad was, not until very long ago, an ACP in the city police ranks. Now as DCP, he is calling to the fore old experience and older forgings. Not clear? Well, he has appointed the services of an old acquaintance who is known to draw “business” to him. What exactly is the business and how would one define the role of the new appointee is a question that arises. Can someone help with answers?

Meanwhile, in order to make sure that “business and development” is not hindered, constable Harendra has been entrusted the charge to ensure smooth operations. Who says Indian officials are short-sighted? 

Madam ji ke bare charche hain

A woman police officer has recently been posted in Ahmedabad. Now, the Crime Branch has also recently seized a huge quantity of contraband substances in her area. The area, with the largest number of cafes, has a notorious reputation of MD drugs being sold late in the night. Spoilt brats are also known to use the roads a stunt ramp for their mean machines. Lekin… madam ji ko yeh sab nahin dikhta… say her subordinates. Then howcome, the officer has shot into prominence for “good work?”

Well, she is known to be uncompromising when it comes to parking in no parking zones. Reportedly, she goes all out with a batallion of junior officers and “personally” supervises the “operation seize car.”

Kare koi… bhare koi?

A sudden fear has descended upon Gomtipur residents. Following a social media post which cautioned people of a repeat incident of lathi-lathkand, some officials were tossed here to there. One of the names being Shailendra Singh, harnessed in special branch of the police commissioner’s office. However, that has not stopped wahiwatdars murmurs about their fate being decided by high-handedness of police officers. 

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