Weekly Tarot By Radhika Rai

| Updated: June 8, 2022 1:07 pm

Card interpretation from Left to Right

Card 1 

Relationship: If you are in a relationship, the card can indicate a stalemate or a relationship at a crossroads. It may be that you and your partner have been arguing frequently lately or cannot agree on an important relationship decision and have called a temporary truce. You simply need a bit of time and space to open your heart and see clearly, how you can come to an agreement. This may also mean that fear is overpowering your emotions and you have closed your heart in the fear of rejection.

Money & Career: This card indicates that you may be caught in the middle of a conflict at work. You may be asked to choose between two opposing views. It can also signify that you are torn between two career paths or positions. If you are having financial problems at the moment, you cannot allow yourself to be in denial about them. Face your financial fears head on by taking advice from someone who is knowledgable in the field. 

Health: This card suggests to release some emotional blocks. Everything were experience in the body starts in our mind as thoughts. Clearing your thoughts and taking decisions related to your health without the fear of ‘what if’ would be fruitful. 

Spiritual: Finding the balance within you is the key here. When you find your own balance, you learn to tune out all the outside interference and tune into your own wisdom. If you can do this your path will become clear to you.

Card 2

Relationship: This card indicates that your relationship is not a happy one at the moment. The card signifies guilt, remorse and regret so it can be sign that keeping secrets, infidelity or deception is taking its toll on the relationship.

If you are single, the card indicates that you may be dwelling on the past. You may be wishing you could go back in time and change the past. You need to find a way to heal from the past and learn from it. 

Money and Career: The card suggests that you are deeply unhappy in your work at the moment. You may feel unable to cope and have reached your breaking point. It may be that the fear and severe anxiety are affecting your perspective and making you believe things are worse in your career situation than they actually are in reality. In regards to your finances, the card indicates that your financial worries are overwhelming you and causing you severe stress and anxiety but you may be making mountains out of molehills. You need to get your negative thinking under control and look realistically at your finances.

Health: This can signify anxiety disorders, mental health issues, insomnia and migraines. Do not self-medicate or find solace in any addiction. This card can also indicate hormonal imbalances or menopause. It can also signify a miscarriage, termination or problems conceiving.    

Spirituality: This card indicates that the anxiety and stress you are experiencing at the moment has left you feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded and out of touch with your spiritual side. Practice meditation to help you to get back in touch with your spirituality and bring you back into balance.

Card 3

Relationship: You and your partner may be in a situation where you are not seeing each other eye-to eye. This card indicates that frustration, irritation and pent up aggression or competitiveness may be leading to disagreements in the relationship. Tarot suggests you need to get your tempers under control, listen to each other, cooperate and compromise.

Money and Career: This card represents conflict or competition in the workplace and can indicate strikes and chaos. You might find yourself having some clashes at your workplace. Success is yours, but you will have to fight for it. In finances, you may have a bit of a financial struggle on your hands at the moment. It is not a permanent one. 

Health: This card can represent battling with or successfully fighting off an illness. It can also be an indication that you need reduce your adrenaline and stress levels or you may leave yourself prone to stress related illnesses. 

Spirituality: You are experiencing a great deal of spiritual conflict that is clouding your ability to see your path. You need to find harmony within yourself first.

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