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What Exactly Is Autism?

| Updated: April 2, 2022 10:17

Autism spectrum disorder is a brain development disorder that affects how a person perceives and socializes with others. The disorder also displays limited and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The term “spectrum” in autism spectrum disorder alludes to the vast range of symptoms and severity. 

On this World Autism Awareness Day, VoI decided to meet Dr Ketan Patel who has earned a name for his unique way of treating children with autism in just a matter of a few years. Our team also interacted with some of Dr Patel’s patients. Dr Ketan and his team have created an online course and syllabus for a renowned educational institute in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East for a certificate, graduation, and postgraduate courses in homoeopathy and alternative medical science.  

Dr Ketan Patel

Autism spectrum disorder encompasses disorders that were previously thought to be distinct — autism, Asperger’s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and an unidentified form of the pervasive developmental disease. Some people still use the name “Asperger’s syndrome,” which is widely believed to be at the mild end of autism spectrum disorder. 

VOI team noticed that in the first sitting with his patient Mohak (name changed), Dr Patel could easily figure out if the child was suffering from autism or not. Mohak, a six-and-a-half-year-old kid had shown signs of improvement. Mohak was diagnosed with autism at an early age when he showed symptoms that were not normal. His parents tried to treat his condition with some allopathic supplements but then got in touch with Dr Ketan Patel.  Within two years, the child began showing signs of improvement with clearer speech and normal behaviour. His father is very satisfied with the treatment and showed us his son’s Holi pictures and the drawing Mohak had made for him. 

Autism spectrum disorder manifests in early childhood and later causes difficulties in functioning in society — for example, socially in school, and at work. Symptoms of autism are frequently seen in children within the first year of life. A small number of children appear to develop normally in the first year, but subsequently have regression between 18 and 24 months, when they develop autism symptoms. 

Dr Ketan Patel explained that autism has been related to TB and the historical background of his or her parents. If the mother has had thyroid, then a child is likely to have such issues. Another reason some children develop autism is if the mother has faced trauma during pregnancy. Autism needs to be treated before a child reaches the age of five years. After this, it becomes difficult to treat the child. Such children are advised to have an hour for exercise and consume only organic food as sugar can cause a higher level of hyperactivity. 

As other anxious parents entered the room, the doctor comforted them with a ray of hope. Little Anisha (name changed) has recently been diagnosed with autism. It was her first visit to the doctor. Like her parents, she too was nervous and couldn’t stop crying but Dr Ketan calmed down the parents and made sure that they had all the strength to deal with the child. He explained that generally when a child is diagnosed with autism, the parents calm down the child by either scolding him/her and don’t think twice before hitting them. This does not really help. To suppress the anger and crying, the parents should ignore such behaviour and let the children learn on their own.  Self-learning is the best way to learn. Sweets, lack of sleep and constipation trigger a lot of aggression in such special children. 

These parents are advised to keep their children healthy and happy. They are advised to do adequate exercise and consume healthy food. Such children are advised not to attend school before they are absolutely normal and ready to face the world.  

While there is no cure for autism spectrum conditions, early intervention can make a significant difference in the lives of many children.  

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