What Is Zoom Fatigue And Why Does It Happen?

| Updated: January 29, 2022 12:26 pm

In this era of the pandemic, all of us have turned to electronic devices. One of the most used platforms – for professional and personal meet and greet is Zoom. Most of us use this platform for a meeting, lecture or simply to have casual conversations with loved ones.

With more usage of these online platforms, “zoom fatigue” has significantly increased.

What is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom fatigue happens when a person starts feeling tired or burnout due to excessive use of virtual platforms. Psychologists have determined a few reasons – limiting eye movements and difficulty in sending non-verbal signals over video.

While a recent study has added a very interesting reason behind this fatigue – people who don’t like how they look on camera face zoom fatigue faster. This finding is supported by a spike in facelifts done last year.

To avoid zoom fatigue, just turn off the camera for a bit and relax!

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