Wheat Production Estimates In India Take A Nosedive

| Updated: May 20, 2022 6:44 pm

The Ministry of Agriculture has given yet another shock regarding India’s wheat production. On Thursday, the Agricultural Ministry informed that the wheat output would shrink nearly 3% to 106 million tonnes in 2022. It would be the first decline since 2014-15. They blamed the hot weather for the fall in production. In the 2020-21 crop year, wheat production stood at a record of 109 million tonnes.

The government projected a record wheat output of 111 million tonnes in February. However, a fortnight ago, Sudhanshu Pandey, Food Secretary, told reporters that the estimated fall was 105 million tonnes due to the early arrival of summer. Unlike in 2022, the last wheat output dipped because of drought.

In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, wheat production in India and other countries has plunged. The war is an international key driver for soaring wheat prices. Subsequently, the government has to impose restrictions on imports and reverse its stimulus for exports. 

However, the Central government claims that there is sufficient stock in the country. The supply isn’t only ‘sufficient’ but much higher than the cushion required to meet the domestic prerequisite. While there is a dip in wheat production, the overall food production rates stay loyally high. India has witnessed an all-time high of 314 million tonnes in food production in 2022, 1% higher than 2020-21. 

The Agricultural Ministry released the third estimate of foodgrain, oilseeds, sugarcane, cotton, and jute output for the 2021-22 crop year. However, the third estimates are near the final figures, going to be released later. 

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