“Why only support JEE ?” Question Students as JEE gets Postponed but NEET does not

| Updated: June 20, 2022 1:58 pm

The National Testing Agency has shared that they have received demands from students to postpone the NEET-UG exam which is scheduled to take place on 17th July.

A query was filed under RTI act, in reply to which NTA has said that no changes in the schedule have been made as of now. The students want a delay of 30-45 days. 1.41 lakh tweets under the trending hashtag #JusticeForNEETUG were posted on Saturday.
Students also commented on other social media platforms including Youtube and Instagram.

The comments were as follows :

“Even if the NEETUG is postponed by 20 days, I would be more than happy as something is better than nothing”

“ NTA supports JEE students. They get more than one attempt and their exam was postponed this year as well.”

One student went as far as saying that he would not recommend medicine to any of his juniors and that it is now time to rethink careers. Others were indignant saying that only 90 days for 98 chapters is an unfair timeframe to work upon.

A portion of the students remain hopeful that NEET UG would be also postponed just like JEE was a few days ago.

The NEET last year was conducted on September 12.

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