Why Successful People come from Troubled Backgrounds

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Why Successful People come from Troubled Backgrounds

| Updated: July 28, 2022 17:35

Exposure to trauma in early childhood can lead to severe effects in later stages of life. It can start from a minute thing but slowly can penetrate and pose a larger threat.

According to research, people who have lived through a troubled childhood have interestingly turned out to have successful lives. For instance, Oprah Winfrey faced sexual and physical abuse during her childhood. Charlize Theron, a South African actress, witnessed a horrific incident as a young girl. She saw her father die in front of her as her mother shot him. Yet both of them chose to rise above hard times. As per a study, 75 percent of people who have been through abuse, neglect from parents or loved ones, death of a close one, etc., rise to greater heights.

Why so?
People dealing with trauma make themselves resilient to a lot of pain. It is possible that an average man cannot handle certain situations that seem absolutely fine to people who have dealt with trauma.

Here are 5 THINGS one can do when you feel facing such a situation:
1) Think of a Courageous Moment :
Remember the time when you have been vulnerable in a situation yet managed to come out of it just because you focused on positive things and became grateful for the things present in your life.

2) Reach out to People Who Matter :
Reaching out to people does not mean asking for attention. And no matter how much strong you are. Sometimes there comes a time when you need someone in front of whom you can be vulnerable enough. Such a person can be your acquaintance, Family member, friend, or colleague.

3) Challenge Yourself :
Challenge yourself to do things that for your whole life seem impossible to you. Want to learn a new course? Want to quit your job and start your business? Want to learn a musical instrument? Just DO it.

4) Build Control over Your Emotions:
When you become emotionally strong, that is when you become strong even from the outside.

5) Build an Active Coping Mechanism :
Analyze your situation and make a plan to improve your condition and work upon that plan on a daily basis.

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