10 Binge Worthy Web Series To Watch On Amazon Prime India

| Updated: February 19, 2022 4:54 pm

What movie to watch this weekend? This question might just bring you more confusion than existential questions like “What is the purpose of this life?”.

To make it a tab bit less confusing, we’ve compiled a list of ten binge-worthy movies for you to consider watching this weekend.

The Purge

It is a series based on famous American Anthology and one of the best thriller genre film “The Purge”.

This series is worth watching if you are looking forward to binge Thriller with some gruesome scene and dark plots. A Series with 2 Season will surely keep you hooked and keep you seated till the Season Finale.

Zero Zero Zero

Currently one of the best crime drama on Prime video Zero Zero Zero is based on italian drug trafficking cartels. Directed by one the best Italian Filmmaker Stefano Sollima – the show is a perfect mix of great direction and amazing performance. It is surely the best binge option if you love crime drama.


If you love thriller genre which has Dark Comedy and some Dark plots Fargo will make your Binge experience mesmerizing a Limited series with 4 Season and 4 different stories is the perfect example of good storytelling without any disrupting narratives.

Kevin can F@#K Himself

A Comedy drama that will make you go ROFL, LMAO in its each scene. It has brilliantly written punchlines. If you are looking for something light and humorous to binge, this series will surely serve you well as the series is overfill by dark humour and some amazing comic scenes.


A comedy drama which has 7 seasons and is considered one the best Adult Comedy series, the show will engage you and keep you hooked. This is a perfect weekend binge as it has short duration episodes.


This slow paced series has not received much appreciation among critics and cinephile but if you love the Dark genre and if Dark humour suits you well you must Start watching this Mad series right away, A slow paced Comedy Drama Thriller with the amazing performance of Michael Dorman, Show has received Mixed Reviews but Majority accepts that this Series is one of the finest carved Hidden gem on Amazon Prime Video

Sneaky Pete

If there is any list which showcase the Most Underrated Crime Drama series, Sneaky Pete will top the list by getting featured on Number 1, This series is full of Drama and Humour, This series will make you cry and laugh and the same time you will feel angry by seeing Protagonist’s evil tactics for Survival, Watch this series right away, You will surely love it

The Expanse

Are you a Fan of Sci-Fi ? Well then there is nothing best we can offer, The Expanse is the an amazingly adapted show based on the Novel “The Expanse”, The series is been critically aclaimed and known for the best Visuals and Amazing Narrative with the Best Dramatic Presentation, 6 Season of the series with some amazing Plot lines will keep you engage and entertained, there is no doubt in saying that The Expanse is the most Top-Notch Sci-Fi show on the Prime Video

Downtown Abbey

If you are fan of historical drama, Downtown Abbey is the best option to watch. The show showcases the close virtue of aristocracy and the life of Aristocrats, Downtown Abbey will give you close to real life experience of the events occurred during Post Edwardian era which was the most interesting era for British Aristocracy culture.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

A political drama with action and a Spy Thriller ! Sounds absurd right ? Well Tom Clancy is master of using action and drama as main ingredient to keep his spy stories engaging. Jack Ryan the series is one of the most amazing political drama thriller with an antagonist who is spy in recent years.

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