2022: RPF Officers Assist More Than 175 Women To Deliver Babies On Trains

| Updated: January 3, 2023 9:46 pm

In 2022, the female RPF officers of the Indian Railways set a new standard for humanity in their work after helping more than 175 pregnant passengers who unexpectedly went into labour while travelling on trains or waiting at stations for their departure.

According to official data, 175 pregnant passengers who suddenly went into labour while travelling were helped by the women RPF officers, who make up 9% of the RPF’s total current strength.

“And all those women safely delivered babies with the assistance provided by RPF women personnel in 2022,” claimed a senior railway official. In reality, the Indian Railways has begun a well-targeted “Operation Matrishakti” to help pregnant passengers who unexpectedly experience labour pains while travelling.

Over 700 passengers’ lives were also saved by the RPF officers on duty across the nation in the same year by quickly removing them from colliding with moving train wheels. “As part of discharging duty under Operation Jeevan Raksha aimed at saving the life of rail users, the RPF cops, going beyond the call of duty and risking their own lives have saved 789 passengers, including 326 women passengers from coming under the wheels of moving trains in railway in 2022 till November,” senior railway official added.

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