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A Day in Magic=Majestic Life

| Updated: July 14, 2021 00:50

It was a lazy summer day. I was having cornflakes with my favourite strawberry shake. As I was about to take a sip, a velvety phoenix swooped in and dropped my juicy shake. Before I could do anything, my glass was on the floor that ended up being a mess. In a fit of rage, I chased the poor bird and forced it out of the window. I found a white envelope (which was not white anymore) as I cleaned the floor. The envelope said Hogwarts in bold. I ignored it as I thought it was a prank and kept it aside. To my utter shock, the envelope opened itself and started mouthing the words written in it. The last line said, “Welcome to Hogwarts! You are invited to Hogwarts, the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” The letter left a ticket and a list of things that are available only at Diagon Alley.

I was puzzled as I had never heard of a place named Diagon Alley. It is not in Ahmedabad. At night when my uncle came home, I told him all about it. He was shocked as he knew about Hogwarts. Then I found my brain on the ground as I found out that my uncle went to Hogwarts and was a hero in his time in Hogwarts, “The great Harry Khandwala.” We sat that night in a different room. We talked about all of his adventures and days at Hogwarts. He told me about Diagon Alley and took me there the next day. We walked down the green, smoke-filled path and landed straight in Gringotts, the bank of wizards. My uncle took me to his chamber in the bank. Throughout the way, I was excited to see the little goblins and the work system. My uncle pointed at the money in his chamber and told me that he saved it for my fees when my day comes to go to Hogwarts.
We met Hermoine Granger, the Mayor of the Society, on our way out. She explained to us about the system and how this world works. She also told me about my uncle and his naive days. We met Ron, owner of a local shop who is Hermoine’s husband. He gave me some free toys and books for my studies. The last thing on my list was my first wand. We were on the way to Ollivanders to buy the said wand.

On our way, I saw an old woman who was covered in a scarf, I ignored it and went into the shop, but it is altogether a different story. Afterwards, Ollivander welcomed us and explained the wand choosing process for every witch or wizard. Then, I was handed a hornbeam wand made from a dragon’s heartstring. And when I swished the wand, it turned the whole shop upside down. Before I could do anything, a wand automatically came into my hand. So, I tried a swish { but I knew nothing would work}. I was surprised as nothing was wrong. I was awestruck when everyone around me said that it was blackthorn. And it was made by the same material used to make my uncle’s wand and the wand of you know whose!

Mithilesh Khandwala is a class 6 student at the Anand Niketan School, Satellite areas, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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  1. Dr Pina Bhatt

    Nicely written Mithilesh. Good clarity of word and grammar both. Many congratulations Mithilesh

  2. Dr Chintan Vaghela

    Mithilesh has always performed marvelous performances. This stuff is written skillfully.

  3. Aakash Desai

    Great story and took on a virtual tour to Harry Potter world and Hogwarts. Well done and keep it up.

  4. Prof Mahendra Bhavsar

    That’s Incredible. How Extraordinary! Amazing Effort! Unbelievable …

  5. Rita Sharma

    Excellent skill of putting imagination into marvellous words
    Best wishes to Champ

  6. Rita Sharma

    Excellent skill of putting imagination into marvellous words
    Best wishes to Champ

  7. Jishan K Shaikh

    Wonderfully converted thoughts in the beautiful lines.
    Keep it up dear Mithilesh

  8. Sonal narang

    Mithilesh is an asset to his classroom as well as school .
    Not only is he a prolific writer but is a curious and intelligent boy . He does not hesitate in expressing his opinions and view points and is always striving for excellence .

  9. Dr. Satvik Khara

    Very nicely articulated, Mithilesh!
    Effectively drafted & expressed, Keep it up!

  10. Himani Mittal

    Mithilesh you are doing awesomely well at this age dear. I must really appreciate your efforts and the use of language. You are unbelievable…Keep it up and take it to the next level. My best regards.

  11. Mrugen Dholakia

    Prince Mithilesh,

    Amazing write-up.

    Thank You Very much for introducing us to Hogwarts.

    We can’t wait to dig deep and start utilising the resources you have introduced us all to.

    We already have started feeling walking down the Green, Smoked filled path leading to Gringotts and To the Bank of Wizard, with Blackthorn Wand on our hands.

    My regards to your uncle Harry Khandwala and Hermoine Granger.

    Your Exuberance is Refreshing.


  12. Mrunalini Rana

    Too expressive, your story narration take’s one on tour. You make one feel it! Little writer with beautiful storytelling sense. Keep it up ? boy, good to go!

  13. Pranjal Sakariya

    This is really prize winning.
    He has a knack for thinking outside the box…You are a gifted perfermor…keep going boy!!

  14. Kamlesh Patel

    Love his imagination, Creativity and great writing skill. Keep it up Mr. Khandwala… you are rocking…


    This is amazing as I am blogger since many years I never seen that 6th standard student write blog in a very dedicated manner. Congratulations ? Kindly visit my blog for a movies review and for gossips of Entertainment industry. Link :

  16. Diya Patel

    Very Well written Mithilesh?. Keep it up! May you inspire more students of your age for such amazing work. Shine like a star ?.

  17. Dr. Maulik Joshi

    Very impressive writing mithilesh, keep it up and again many Congratulations for such a nice writing.


    You just nailed it….Wow….I read it twice thrice, many times….Superawesome!!!! Keep writing…. Best wishes from my side.

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