After Wrath From Arab World, BJP Faces Backlash At Home

| Updated: June 6, 2022 3:45 pm

Controversial comments by Nupur Sharma over Prophet Muhammad has raised many troubles for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This is despite the party taking action to suspend Nupur Sharma and Delhi media head Naveen Jindal with immediate effect. The party has had to deal with the wrath from Arab countries, especially from Qatar, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but now it is being attacked at home as well.

Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Sanjay Singh said that because sof some derogatory actions by some BJP workers, entire India has been embarrassed in front of the world. He said, this is the result of BJP’s politics of hate. He insisted that India should not have to apologies for the actions of the BJP.

Pawan Khera, National Spokesperson for Congress, attacked the BJP over the comments and also the party’s soft response to the discontentment from the Arab countries. He said that the BJP had sprung into action after the upheaval in the Arab nations. He also said that it was shame that now outside countries are reminding the Prime Minister of India his ‘Raj Dharma’.

Khera further said that such comments from anyone were unacceptable but it is worse that the not the BJP but BJP-led Central government has issued a statement condemning the comments by the party’s two leaders. “BJP makes a mistake and India has to to apologies? This is absolutely not acceptable!”

Furthermore, Ashok Kumar Pandey, known for his book Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit, also hit back at BJP saying that legal action must be taken against the two leaders. He said, “Expulsion from the party is not a ‘strong action’. If the BJP believes that both of them have done the work of inciting religious sentiments, then action should be taken by registering a case under the relevant sections according to the law.”

Nupur Sharma has been making headlines for her insulting comments against Prophet Muhammad. Since then, the BJP has said that it did agree with her comments and strongly believed in respecting every religion.

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