Ahmedabad: 89 Booked For Gambling At Engagement Festivities 

| Updated: February 22, 2023 12:57 pm

Gambling on engagement day turned out to be more than this prospective match had asked for. 

Based on a tip-off by irate residents, Ellisbridge police raided apartments 402 and 602 in Lakshminiwas Flats, on Tuesday. In what is being billed as the biggest gambling haul from a residential area, the to-be-betrothed man and 88 guests were detained by the police. The men, mostly in their 30s, were caught actively staking bets. Cash and items worth Rs 1.46 crore were seized during the operation. 

While on patrol, the Ellisbridge police surveillance unit received information about some men gambling at the apartments. 

The accused were taken to the police station at 4 am, and charged with violations under the Gambling Act. Police official briefed that the groom-to-be, a businessman from Paldi, had booked two apartments for house guests invited to his engagement on Tuesday. The officer claimed that the gambling events took place in conjunction with the festivities.

The accused was granted bail and the engagement ceremony took place later that day. The police claimed that when searching the premises, they found Rs 3.73 lakh in cash, 98 mobile phones worth Rs 30 lakh and 53 cars, including many high-end models.

“This is one of the biggest raids in terms of the number of accused caught from residential premises and the value of the materials seized by the police in an anti-gambling operation,” shared a police insider. 

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