Ahmedabad: SOG Seizes Mephedrone Drug Worth Rs2.85 lakhs

| Updated: May 20, 2022 6:18 pm

Incidents of drug dealing in Ahmedabad are on the rise, with several coming to light every month. This is becoming a big problem for the local authorities, who seem to be doing everything possible to arrest felons involved in drug trafficking.

In the latest, Special Operations Group (SOG) of Ahmedabad today seized a packages of mephedrone drug worth Rs2.85 lakhs from Sarkhej Vejalpur area in the city. The authorities have registered a case and started an investigation in to the matter.

It is believed that this operation came to fruition as the SOG had been given a tip regarding a person trafficking drugs in the area. Assistant Commissioner of Police, SOG, B C Solanki, said, “We had received a tip regarding drugs in the area and so the team was on high-alert.”

The team of police arrested Sohil Sadiq Chauhan, 26, who is a native of Palanpur, Banaskantha. He was currently living  in Sarkhej area of Ahmedabad, and wandered around the Sarkhej-Vejalpur area to sell his drugs.

Police are conducting further investigations to find out where the accused bought the drugs and whom he sold them to. Police have also been conducting intensive enquiry into the amount of drugs sold so far.

Just a few weeks back, Ahmedabad SOG took into custody two persons, namely Mahesh Patidar (29) and Lalshankar Patidar (27), for drug trading. The authorities also seized mephedrone worth Rs23.84 lakh from them.

Furthermore, the SOG has said that they were hunting for one Sajid Saiyed Lala, alias MD, of Juhapura, who is one of the city’s biggest drug gangster and involved in cases under Arms Act.

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