Artist Madhav Kohli Makes AI-Generated Snaps Of Indian Stereotypes

| Updated: January 5, 2023 1:49 pm

A Gurgaon-based artist named Madhav Kohli recently posted artificial intelligence (AI)-generated pictures that depict how various Indian states’ residents would appear based on prejudices. Madhav claims that his effort was merely intended to show how we stereotype others, despite the harsh criticism he received online.

The 24-year-old Boston-trained filmmaker Madhav says, “I’ve been creating AI-generated artwork for almost two years. I received a lot of praise after posting these photographs, then I also received a lot of criticism. For me, this served as a case study. People started stating, “We have really attractive women in UP,” when I tweeted a picture of an angry UP woman.

“I intended to demonstrate that this is merely a stereotype-based impression. To appease them, I conjured up another image of a cheerful, kind, and smiling UP woman. Images of women were scrutinised more than those of men, and topics including their jawlines, weight, and beauty were discussed. But because AI developed it, I can’t control every single detail.”

Madhav reveals that he was accused of encouraging preconceptions, but he defends himself by arguing that algorithms learn from a library of billions of web photos. “In order to make the photos, I used stereotypes of individuals from various states as my reference. After witnessing these designs, a lot of individuals on Twitter became very irate. I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail, and people are accusing ministers of doing something about it. They believe that I am seeing what they have made. On the other side, several individuals praised my work and claimed that it was the first time they had ever seen an AI-formatted visual representation of a person from their state.”

Many people noted the strong resemblances between the AI image of a Haryana man and Tiger Shroff and the AI image of a Goan man and Chunky Panday. Both actors remarked on Madhav’s posts when they became social media trends. Tiger Shroff wasn’t as joyful as Chunky Panday, according to Madhav. 

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