Biomimetics: The Visuals Of Future Destruction And Its Remedies By Pierre-Jean Giloux

| Updated: November 24, 2022 3:34 pm

In the present world, the major issue that all of us witness is extreme climate change. We are the ones fueling this issue and we have to in the near future, find the remedies to curb this disaster.

With this mindset, an artist made an exceptional film to showcase the possible disaster but with remedies. Pierre-Jean Giloux’s work focuses on several practices such as space, volume, and images. He utilises digital techniques and collages and includes an animation in 2 or 3D. Technology helps him to create “reconstructed worlds” that are going to change the standpoint of reality. The challenge is to make the virtual and the real cohabit in an infra-thin interstice, in order to establish a dialogue and to question them.

This time, he came to India and shot some visuals in Chennai, Madurai, and Telangana. He shot the normal routine of marketplaces, streets, agricultural lands etc. Then he modified the visuals by adding solutions such as rainwater and UV rays protection panels all over the place. He placed a temple next to advanced technology panels, to show the connectivity of religion and science. The use of panels in his films is to store and generate electricity for the entire city, state and country through pipes. He assumes that we are going to run out of electricity in the future and this is the remedy to solve this issue.

In his ideal future, the world is calm and more peaceful than the present chaotic world where you see traffic, forest fires etc. He said that his ideas are not to send messages but to visualise the future and challenge yourself.

Biomimetics – a film installation conceived by French artiste Pierre-Jean Giloux, based on the urban forms inspired by Biomimicry concepts in India. A special screening of this film was organised on the premises of Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad on Wednesday. 

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