Bollywood Blockbuster: All you need to know about RRR

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Bollywood Blockbuster: All you need to know about RRR

| Updated: June 26, 2022 11:54

Millions of Indians and non-Indians have both contributed to the process of making RRR a box office hit, besides being the biggest Indian movie ever on Netflix. If you are a contributor among a large number of viewers who watched this drama- action film, you would be mesmerized by its special effects, enchanted by the storytelling and thrilled to see the action pieces, while dancing along to the crazy songs.

Experts reveal that the politics, mythology and Hindu nationalism of the film is what has made RRR, an acronym for Rise! Roar! Revolt! A huge success.

What is RRR all about?

A three-hour-plus historical drama circa 1920, narrates the stories of two actual heroes of the Indian Independence movement, Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr), a native tribal leader, and Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan), a guerilla leader. The characters inspired by real-life heroes have been fictionalized to suit the storyline of the film. With a budget of around 5.5 billion rupees, RRR is one of the most expensive movies ever made. The movie is a complete package with excellent acting, bold stunts, surreal CGI effects and groovy musical numbers.

Bollywood or Tollywood?

The movie is not Bollywood, but actually Tollywood. Tollywood is the colloquial term used for the South Indian Industry. The movie was originally made in Telugu and then dubbed in Hindi. The South Indian Industry makes a huge number of films which is around 300 features a year, which is about a quarter as many as Bollywood.

Is it really a hit?

Here are some facts which prove that RRR is indeed a blockbuster.
100 million Indians have seen RRR in cinemas.
It made more than $2.4 million in its opening weekend in Australia, which is more than every other title bar Batman. Opened in 209 screens in total.
On May 20, the film made an entrance on Netflix in fifteen different subtitled languages .
It stayed at number 1 at Netflix for the next three weeks Has stayed in the top 10 in more than 60 countries, including the US, Kenya, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.
It made $US14 million in the US.

Reason for it being such a hit

Anupam Sharma believes that the stars featured in the film had a lot to do with the success of the film. They are stars that the Indians literally worship, he said and hence, the audience was already excited about watching this film. He further adds that another reason for the film being a hit is that the enemy chosen was the British empire instead of their usual tendency to cast Muslims as the villians. There was no controversy created, which was a factor in the film being a big success.

The love story

Though the film observes a romance between Ram and Sita, a woman from Ram’s native village; the real romance seems to be between Ram and Bheem. From the moment they first locked eyes, to the sensational dance performance they did together and the lovely moments when they travel on the motorbike together; the duo is amazing together.

Melbourne-based academic , Vikrant Kishore remarks that in such a movie, the heroes are so in love with each other, that the heroine is sidelined.

Who should watch it ?

Though the film can be absurdly funny and corny at times, it is a one-time watch that commemorates friendship, nationalism and the victory of good over bad. It is no surprise that people across the world have received the film with such warmth.
Hence, if you are looking for some entertainment without a critical reasoning mindset, this film is for you. “Leave your brains at home and enjoy the film ” is the only recommendation we can give.

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