Cattle Menace On The Rise In The City Of Vadodara

| Updated: May 25, 2022 10:35 am

In the last two days, a man and a nine-year-old girl received injuries due to cattle menace in Vadodara. Earlier an MSU student lost one eye after being hit by a cow while he was driving back home on his two-wheeler. 

The cattle menace proved to be problematic for the citizens of the city. In the last two days, a youth and a nine-year-old girl received grievous injuries after being hit by Cattle. Hiren Parmar resident of Sayajigunj was heading back home on 22 May night after collecting his suit for the pre-wedding shoot scheduled the next day, a cow came suddenly in front of his two-wheeler and he fell down and received injuries on his face and neck, the family is stressed as Hiren is to get married in the upcoming 15 days. He got stitches for his injuries and Hiren a tattoo artist by profession showed his disappointment towards the cattle menace on roads and requested the corporation for immediate and strict actions to be taken.

In a similar incident, a nine-year-old was injured while she was traveling with her grandparents near Koyli village near Vadodara on 22 May. A cow suddenly hit their bike and they fell down. The girl received injuries around the eye and also got stitches. The family showed their disappointment towards the corporation for the cattle menace in the city as it spreads fear among the residents especially children to move out.  

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