Congress MP Shaktisinh Gohil Lambasts NaMo On Unparliamentary Behaviour 

| Updated: February 11, 2023 4:28 pm

The now infamously famous proceedings of Indian Parliament during the first week of Budget Session 2023 will go down in History for several reasons. 

To begin with, the budget, without speaking on pressing issues such as inflation and unemployment, harped on India as a growing regional power. Then, came the President’s address and what followed was the Congress-led Opposition questioning the ruling government’s silence on the Hindenburg reports which indict Adani and his growing fortunes,

Next, it was the PM-led BJP’s turn to reply. However, analysts and critics have pointed out the rather personal tone of NaMo’s attack on Rahul Gandhi’s family. A letter by Congress MP Shaktisinh Gohil states how all that was demanded was a JPC probe into the Adani scam. But what came as a reply, was, as the letter worded it “crude and not becoming of the PM’s office.”

“Despite it being the turn of the Congress in the well, the Speaker allowed BJP members to overpower Rahul Gandhi’s speech. However, when it came to the PM’s turn, he not only attacked the Nehru-Gandhi family but also lowered the entire ethos of a spirited discussion in the Parliament,” read the letter. 

Gohil’s letter also questions the integrity of the Speaker who, instead of being an impartial referee, chooses to suspend the proceedings whenever a discussion comes up which seeks to questions the ruling party’s moves. 

“The Rajya Sabha was scheduled to function till 8 pm, Thursday. However, the ruckus by the BJP made sure that business was adjourned. Yet, no one called out the deliberate tactics to give the Adani backers a clean way out from the back door.”

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