Crunchy And Crispy Samosa Takes A Global Ride

| Updated: July 30, 2022 5:44 pm

It’s no secret that Indian culture earns praise worldwide, but Indian snacks are also no exception. The company of Indian snacks is realised with Indian Masala Chai. Hot crispy fritters or freshly fried samosas are what every Indian craves as soon as it starts to pour. And just like diverse languages, there is diversity in snacks in each region.

Several Indian companies have tried to make the taste of such Indian snacks available to the world. In this attempt, one Indian company named Bikano started selling popular snacks such as Aloo Bhujia, bikaneri bhujia frozen tandoori naan, samosa, and paratha in the international market. Besides, they have also introduced several Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun and rasgulla to their menu.

As per the records of Bikano Company, eight percent of the company’s sales contribution comes from the international market. This proves that Indian snacks are making their place even in the hearts of foreigners. In fact, the marketing head of Bikano Company, Mr. Dawinder Pal, said that in their last financial year, the company successfully made Rs. 100 crore alone through exports.

It is even more interesting to know that the company’s best markets outside India are in Canada, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. After successfully establishing its market internationally, the company claims to be confident enough with frozen snacks. They further said that they studied the consumer patterns which resulted in the high demand for Indian products among foreign people even after it is in frozen form.

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