Engineering Student Caught Trading 98 Duplicate Notes Of ₹2,000

| Updated: May 23, 2022 8:05 pm

The Ahmedabad Crime Branch caught an engineering student exchanging ₹2,000 notes with real money on Monday, May 23. The cops seized 98 notes and started a probe against the student. The student sold illegal notes part-time while studying. According to the reports, the accused has regulated several fake currencies until now. The Crime Branch has searched for the counterfeit currency notes circulating illegal groups but hasn’t caught them yet. They have also failed to find the mastermind behind the crime. 

The Crime Branch received a lead about the racket circulating fake Indian currency notes of ₹2,000 through a dummy sim card portal. Dilip Bhimabhai Keshwala, a 20-year-old resident of Bhagwat Nagar Society, Sola, became a service boy for the racket. He used to buy expensive mobile phones and electronic accessories using fake notes. Later, he sold them and repeated the process. The gang converted money received from sold phones to bitcoins via wallet address.

Bank Accepted Counterfeit Notes

Keshwala, from Porbandar, is a student of Sal Engineering College at Science City. His father is a farmer in Porbandar. The items Keshwala bought using the fake notes include 1 kg gold and 13 Apple cell phones from Poojara Telecom. The cops also questioned Darshan Arvind Patel, owner of Poojara Telecom. According to him, the bank accepted the fake notes he submitted. Later, the Crime Branch seized 42 currency notes from the Bank of India. 


The stranger behind the scam has left no stones unturned for the Ahmedabad Crime Branch. To catch hold of him has become a challenge for the police. He has hired many people like Dilip Further, the police suspect that the gang is large in number and is making crores with the scam procedure.

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