Existence Of Shree Ram: ‘The Fate Of Faith’

| Updated: October 30, 2022 4:59 pm

‘The truth is always triumphant’, Satyamev Jayate, the truth to always rise victorious is paramount. The interpretation of Ramayana and ‘Ram’ has to be different in our lives, The question arising is, did the Ramayana actually take place? On this auspicious occasion of Diwali let’s unearth the inner Ram in ourselves, let us discover the truth.

Fact 1:

The Ramayana is geographically very correct. Every site on Rama’s route is still identifiable and has continuing traditions or temples to commemorate Rama’s visit. Locations such as Chitrakoot Mountain; in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, where shree Ram spent 11 years and 11 months. After which they went to Dandkaranya in Central India which is presently called Nasik (panchvati) where Laxman cut of Surpankha’s nose; kishkinda in Hampi, the site where Ram first met Lord Hanuman. Sites like Lakhman Kund, several caves, Ravana Ella Falls, where Ravana is believed to have hidden Sita to prevent Rama from finding her in Lanka and the Ashok Vatika are still intact. Pushkar Bhatnagar concludes that geographical evidence for the epics is abundant. There still exist many places like Rameshwaram, Kishkindha etc.

Fact 2:

In 1975 ASI ( Archaeological Survey of India) discovered fourteen pillar bases of kasauti stone with Hindu motifs near the mosque at Ayodhya, Rama was born in Ayodhya and married in Mithila, now in Nepal. Not far from Mithila is Sitamarhi, where Sita was found in a furrow, still revered as the Janaki kund constructed by her father Janak.

Subjects may ask, that why isn’t there more archaeological evidence that indicate Lord Rama’s existence? Because such an effort has not been made in India and systematic excavations have never been carried out. I think we should store a step towards proving this epic tale as a bed time story to all our history text books.

Fact 3:

Can stones float on water? It may sound as possible as India being the least populated country in the world. Jokes apart, The most substantial evidence of shree ram’s existence is The Ram Setu. There are many theories of this bridge being natural due to tectonic movements. Dr. Alan Leaster in the show ‘what on Earth’ proves that the stones have been brought from somewhere afar and set on top of sand bar island chain.

It connects Dhanush Kodi in India with Mannar Islands in Srilanka, It is like a string of pearl he says.

To ascertain the legitimacy of the findings, the researchers used techniques to date the sand and the stones. An Archaeologist featuring in the promo, Chelsea Rose says, “the rocks on top of the sand actually predate the sand”. Scientific analysis reveals, claimed the promo, that the rocks are 7,000 years old but the sand is only 4,000 years old.

The promo dates the construction of Ram Setu sometime 5,000 years ago and also called it a superhuman achievement.

To conclude, if people consider this a myth , even homer’s Illiad was considered a myth till the time evidences of  Troy were discovered.

Shree Ram, not a human, a spiritual, a higher positive force that is present in you, me and in everyone , just try awakening this force and look how your inner Raavan gets demeaned. On this auspicious moment let us all at once say, JAY SHREE RAM!

Mithilesh Khandwala is a class 7 student at the Anand Niketan School, Satellite Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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