Gir Somanath District Hit with Heavy Rains; Villages Suffer Flood-like Situation

| Updated: July 7, 2022 11:38 am

Many small villages and regions in Gir Somnath district of Saurashtra have been hit by heavy rains and are struggling with managing the situation. Several of these regions have already been submerged under water, with inhabitants being stranded. Traffic on the national highways has been disrupted, and mobile and internet service has been cut off. Veraval-Kodinar highway is blocked due to waterlogging.

According to the weather department, yesterday, Somnath Veraval received more than 145 mm of rainfall. Sutrapada taluka received 132 mm rainfall and Kodinar taluka received 119 mm rainfall. Nearly 30 talukas experienced more than 25 mm of rainfall. Coastal villages like Velan, Kotda, Madhwad, Malshram, Muldwarka, Sarkhadi, Math and Chhara have r,eceived extremely heavy rainfall. Villages like Ghatwad, Jamwala, Chhachar, Ronaj, Sugala, Vadnagar, Sidhanj, Kantala, Gir Devli, Valadar, Sandhanidhar, Aranej, Facharia, Pedhavala of Gir forest have also been affected.

Gir Somnath district has the Gir forests that are home to Asiatic lions, the pride of Gujarat, and is constantly an attraction for tourists from all around the world. With roads and highways disrupted due to heavy rains, travelers will have to use caution in these areas.

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