Green Corridor Helps With Organ Transplant

| Updated: April 13, 2022 12:20 pm

A green corridor chalked out by municipal authorities helped in the successful transfer of a heart from Civil Hospital to a hospital on SG Road. The lungs were dispatched to Mumbai for a transplant.

Jayesh Nat, 25, a resident of Lunavada in Mahisagar district, was brought to the Civil Hospital on April 10 with severe head and body injuries following a vehicle accident. However, his condition deteriorated steadily till, on Monday, he was certified brain-dead.

“He was his parents’ only son and the financial backbone of the household,” stated relatives. When Jayesh’s family learned of the unfortunate news, they were devastated. When told about the prospect of organ donation, however, they did not hesitate. Dr Rakesh Joshi, medical superintendent of Civil Hospital, said, “His corpse was donated, and his heart, lungs, kidney, and liver were retrieved.”

So far, cadaver donation has provided the hospital with eight hearts and eight pairs of lungs.

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