Amdavadi’s Heart Reaches Mumbai Via Green Corridor

| Updated: March 19, 2022 5:15 pm

A resident of Ahmedabad, 42-year-old, Nishant Mehta chose to color other people’s existence with joy before the untimely black sealed his life forever. It all happened within a span of 24 hours and on a Holi that some families in India will never forget. One, because they lost their son and others, because their loved ones were gifted with organs transplanted from accident victim Nishant.

Nishant Mehta 42 Year Old road accident victim

When Nishant met with the fateful road accident early Friday morning, he was rushed to Ahmedabad’s PVT Hospital. However, his condition was critical and doctors rushed him to the kidney specialty hospital, where doctors pronounced him “brain dead.”
Realising that this was the end for him, his family was quick in offering cadaver donation. “Their son would always live on in so many other lives,” shared Dr Vinit Mishra, director, Civil Kidney Hospital.

A team of doctors was soon brought in to retrieve the organs. “The entire procedure took seven hours before we could successfully harvest the heart, both kidneys, liver and eyes. His heart made its way to Mumbai’s Reliance Hospital via green corridor while the kidneys were transplanted to beneficiaries enlisted under SOTTO (state organ and tissue transplant organization),” he added.

Truly, some lives are eternal.

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