Gujarat Businessman Buys New Farmhouse, Brings Home 109-Year-Old Mother On A Khatiya

| Updated: January 30, 2022 10:26 pm

At a time when old-age homes in Rajkot are packed with the elderly and no less than 200 inquiries are made on a daily basis, this heart-warming story is a reason to believe in humane goodness still being around. 

Vasantbhai Limbasia, an Amdavadi dairy farm owner, recently bought a new farmhouse. His love for his mother was no secret, he made sure the 109-year-old matriarch was present during the griha pravash

The bed-ridden and frail Chotiba was carried on a khatiya by the youngsters of the family. Standing in attendance were the daughters and daughters-in-law while the boys and men carried Baa around to show the property. And while she gestured her blessings to all around, wafted through air were folk strains: “jova ne jo aavaya resurvey parivar ne bhela bolavya resaune maadi aap ruda ashirwad re

“She is our biggest strength and asset. We could not even dream of this without her presence,” shared Vasantbhai, sharing that Baa was overwhelmed to see her son’s propitious gains.  

Meanwhile, when contacted, a senior citizen’s home in Rajkot shared: “We have a waiting list… about 70 applications are in the line.” 

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