Gujarat: New Born Delivered in Toilet Gets Stuck; Fire Fighters Successfully Rescue Baby 

| Updated: April 14, 2022 6:30 pm

Today, on the day of National Fire Service, fire brigade personnel rejoiced in a victorious mission, when they rescued a new born baby that was trapped inside the commode of the toilet. An intellectually disabled woman, living in a development house in Paldi area of Ahmedabad city, delivered her child while she was attending nature’s call and the baby was trapped in a commode . The fire department received the distress call and rushed to the site. Following a long 25-minute struggle the baby was retrieved successfully and was hurriedly to a nearby hospital for treatment

see the video here

On the call, the woman reported that the baby’s head was caught directly in the commode. The convoy was rushed to the spot where the accident was reported and immediately initiated the rescue operation. Firefighters carefully broke the surrounding tiles in the toilet, taking care not to injure the child. The baby was later pulled out unscathed by slowly breaking the commode part by part. The fire brigade team rescued the baby within 25 minutes and sent it 108 ambulances to the hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, the baby was not injured in any way.

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