Gujarat Tops The State Energy And Climate Index- Round 1, Kerala Is Second

| Updated: April 11, 2022 3:32 pm

Gujarat has topped the Niti Aayog’s State Energy and Climate Index-Round 1 (SECI) among larger states. The SECI ranks states and union territories (UTs) based on six criteria, including discom performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

According to the government think tank’s report, Gujarat was followed by Kerala and Punjab. States such as Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand ranked last.Goa topped the Aayog’s index among smaller states, followed by Tripura and Manipur.

The State Energy and Climate Index (SECI) Round 1 rates states and UTs based on six criteria: discom performance, energy access, affordability, and dependability, clean energy programmes, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and new initiatives.

How does the ranking system work?

There are a total of 27 indications in these parameters.States and union territories have been divided into three groups based on their SECI Round-1 scores: front runners, achievers, and aspirants.

States and UTs can use the index to compare their performance to that of their counterparts, analyse future issues, build better policy mechanisms, and manage their energy resources more efficiently.

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