Indian Youth Congress and National Union of India to protest over Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account suspension

| Updated: August 9, 2021 2:08 pm

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on August 7 after he made a tweet revealing the identity of the relatives of a rape and murder victim in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi had met with the family members of the victim and demanded justice for the victim’s family by posting pictures with the girl’s parents on Twitter. The victim was a minor hence Twitter had taken down his account.

The Indian Youth Congress and National Union of India are to protest on Monday over the temporary suspension of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account. The protest march will be held by about 150 members of the Congress’s student wing from NSUI headquarters at Raisina Road to Shastri Bhawan against Twitter India, as stated by a member of NSUI.

Srinivas BV, the Indian Youth Congress National President said that Twitter India works on the instructions of the Central Government and it can only block the account of Rahul Gandhi but cannot silence his fight for the downtrodden. He further stated that no action was taken when Ex-Mp of BJP did put an image of the victim’s father and mother but when Rahul Gandhi asks for justice for a 9-year-old girl then it is considered to be a crime. The party leaders started targetting Twitter and the central Government while the Congress workers started the “Main Bhi Rahul” trend.

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