Is Florona New Variant Of Covid-19? Know More About It As Israel Reports Its First Case

| Updated: January 2, 2022 6:53 am

Amidst the fears and increasing risk of a new Covid-19 variant – Omicron in almost all the countries of the world now, Israel has reportedly confirmed a case of Florona.

Florona is believed to be a combined infection of two viruses – Covid-19 and influenza in the human body at the same period of time. However, it is so far not believed to be a new variant as it is just an occurrence of Covid-19 and flu together. Although the doctors in Israel informed that the Florona might be proved to cause a major breakdown of one’s immunity system.

The first case of Florona was detected in a pregnant woman while she was admitted to the hospital for the delivery of her child. This comes at the time when Israel has already started inoculating the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 on Friday to individuals with a weak immune system.

According to the local media reports, the pregnant lady was unvaccinated. Also, the country has seen a surge in the cases of influenza in last few weeks and hence the doctors are studying and examining this new combination of Covid-19 and flu – Florona.

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