Just 1.29 % in Gujarat and 3.77 % Amdavadis Took Third Dose of Covid

| Updated: June 10, 2022 4:46 pm

On Thursday, Gujarat recorded the highest number of Covid cases in three months for the second consecutive day – 117 new Covid cases, up from 111 on Wednesday. Officials explain this in part to a poor turnout for the third (booster) dose of the Covid vaccine, as well as persons spotted in public places without masks and an influx of people returning from vacation.

Despite the state’s continued encouragement, data received reveals a relatively low participation in the 18-59 age group since the dose became available in the market two months ago.

While the population eligible for the third dose of Covid vaccination in the 18-59 age range in Ahmedabad grew from 4 lakh to 9 lakh in a month from May 2 to June 9, the accomplished objective is not just unpleasant, but downright awful. Doctors believe this is due to a lack of Covid cases in the previous two months.

Between April 10 and June 9, 79.50 lakh in Gujarati became eligible for the booster dose, but only 1.03 lakh took it. This represents only 1.29 percent of the eligible population.

Only 34,223 of the 9.05 lakh eligible people in the 18-59 age group in Ahmedabad opted for it, accounting for a dismal 3.77 %.

Meanwhile, rural Ahmedabad is still failing to reach even 1%. Only 1,496 people, or 0.76 %, of the 1.95 lakh eligible people, have taken the third dose.

The overall number of active cases in Gujarat increased from 445 to 517 on Thursday, with officials predicting that the number of patients will grow in the following days. With a low hospitalisation rate, there is some relief from the panic during the second wave.


Booster dose in past 60 days for 18-59 age group

Gujarat State (1.29%)

Eligible: 79,50,153

Received: 1,03,205

Ahmedabad Corporation (3.77%)

Eligible: 9,05,623

Received: 34,223

Ahmedabad District (0.76%)

Eligible: 1,95,715

Received: 1,496

In HCW (Healthcare Workers), FLW (Frontline Workers), 60+ yrs

Gujarat State (61.5%)

Eligible: 55,41,166

Received: 34,10,565

Ahmedabad Corporation (60.5%)

Eligible: 5,54,856

Received: 3,35,871

Ahmedabad District (60.8%) 

Eligible: 1,46,707

Received: 89,228

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