Karnataka Hijab Row Now With Larger Bench, Seems Headed to Apex Court

| Updated: February 10, 2022 4:46 pm

What started as a matter between the government college in Udupi and five students has taken on a pan-India scale. The pro-Hijab and anti the headscarf row further escalated with the Karnataka HC referring the matter to a larger bench.

On Thursday, the court sat on the matter again and stating that no interim relief can be granted. Meanwhile, three more colleges in the state denied Hijab-clad students entry into the premises.

Justice Krishna S Dixit who has been hearing the matter since Tuesday, maintained that the case does need a constitutional study of seminal importance in view of certain aspects of personal law.

“In view of the enormity of questions of importance which were debated, the court is of the considered opinion that the Chief Justice should decide if a larger bench can be constituted in the subject matter,” Justice Dixit said.

“The bench was also of the view that the interim prayers should also be placed before the larger bench that may be constituted by Chief Justice Awasthi exercising his discretion,” Justice Dixit noted in the order.

The petitions were filed by five Muslim students studying in a government undergraduate college in Udupi. Protests have erupted across the state with agitations for and against wearing the headscarves by Muslim women in schools and colleges.

Meanwhile, the national capital saw a pro-Hijab march Thursday while Muslim women in Kolkata, Chennai and Lucknow peacefully protested against the clamp down on their personal choice.

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