Keeping Lok Kalyan Marg Home Address Doesn’t Bring Welfare To People: Rahul

| Updated: June 4, 2022 6:49 pm

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has come down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his official Lok Kalyan Marg address after the Centre approved a rate cut on provident funds deposits for 2021-22.

In March, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) decided on an 8.1% interest on provident fund deposits for the last financial year, a downward revision.

EPFO is the state-run retirement fund manager and a popular savings scheme for millions of salaried middle-class Indians.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi asserted that having your home address as ‘Lok Kalyan Marg’ – which literally translates to ‘public welfare road’ – does not bring welfare to the people.

Gandhi alleged that PM Modi had implemented a model of increasing inflation and reducing earnings to “ruin the present and future” of millions of employees.

“Keeping the address of the house ‘Lok Kalyan Marg’ does not bring welfare to the people. The Prime Minister has implemented the ‘Increase Inflation, Reduce Earnings’ model to ruin the present and future of 6.5 crore employees,” Gandhi tweeted in Hindi while sharing a news clip on the downward revision.

The official address of India’s Prime Minister was changed from 7 Race Course Road, or 7 RCR, to Lok Kalyan Marg in 2016.

Congress’s national spokesperson Pawan Khera also joined Gandhi in the prime minister’s criticism, saying that’s why he is now building a ‘Modi Mahal’ worth thousands of crores, in an apparent reference to Central Vista Avenue.

“Seeing his misdeeds, Sahib himself could not digest the name ‘Lok Kalyan Marg, that is why he is building a ‘Modi Mahal’ worth thousands of crores for himself,” Khera wrote in Hindi while retweeting Gandhi’s post.

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