Mah Minister Nawab Malik Files Complaint Against NCB Officer Sameer Wankhede Of Holding Bar License At 17

| Updated: January 3, 2022 4:47 pm

NCP leader & State Minister Nawab Malik had given a complaint to Vigilance department of CBIT and Customs against NCB officer Sameer Wankhede saying that Wankhede holds a permit room and bar license in his name from October 1997 onwards till date.

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Nawab Malik’s complaint letter states that the license was first approved on October 29, 1997 in Wankhede’s name when he was still a minor.

The tussle between Wankhede and Malik has been continuing since the Aryan Khan cruise-on-drug case wherein Nawab Malik tweeted an explosive letter sent to him by an unnamed NCB official that listed 26 cases in which Sameer Wankhede along with his team had allegedly planted drugs on people.

Moreover, he also exposed the birth certificate of Wankhede stating that he was a Muslim before 2006 but he did forge documents to show that he belonged to the Hindu SC category in order to get a job after clearing the UPSC.

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