Maharashtra Political Turmoil: Sec 144 Imposed in Mumbai

| Updated: June 26, 2022 9:41 am

The Mumbai police on Saturday enforced Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code banning unlawful assembly in the city and increased security at the homes and offices of all ministers, elected officials, and party leaders as the state was thrown into a political crisis following a rebellion in the Shiv Sena. The prohibitory order was issued on June 24 and has since been reaffirmed by the police in light of the state’s current political climate.

On high alert following a few violent incidents in which Shiv Sena members attacked the offices of a few rebel party MLAs, the Mumbai police announced on Saturday that gatherings of more than five people on the streets will not be permitted, with the exception of weddings, funerals, movie theatres, and other social events outside of courts, businesses, and educational institutions. Additionally, no controversial banners or posters would be allowed to be shown because they can arouse strong emotions and cause law and order problems in Mumbai.

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